except dermal, ear cartilage, and genital piercings

Piercing Prices

All piercing prices (with the exception of genital piercing) are the same.

All piercings
(jewelry included)
Surgical stainless steel $25

Genital Piercing

Surgical stainless steel $75
additional genital piercings done at the same visit $50

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Who will be doing your piercing.

John Cushman is an RN with a specialty certification in obstetrics. He has worked in Labor & Delivery, Women’s health, women’s services operating room, and aesthetics for almost 20 years.After hearing stories and seeing
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patients with complications from piercings he started to investigate and what he found was pretty amazing. There is a reason why there is such a high infection rate resulting from piercings.

Typically, tattoo artists are doing most of the piercing in the US. Some hope have a person who does most of the piercing and was trained by the/a tattoo artist. Some of these piercers are very good and maintain the highest standards, however, they are the exception to the rule. Most have little or no training in sterile technique, anatomy, physiology, or metallurgy.

For the person who wants an ear piercing it is probably not a big deal although cleaner is always better. If, however, a person is getting pierced through breasts, nipples, belly button, or genitals including hood, labia, and forchette, this is a really big deal. The consequences can be disastrous, life changing, and can last a lifetime.

Piercing Denton was opened to make sure that those who desire the highest quality and cleanest body piercings, done by an RN, have that option in Denton.